A mini loan is known to be particularly fast. But what to do if your own credit rating is not good or even a negative entry in the Credit Bureau is present? Here we show you some providers, where you have the possibility to apply for a mini loan without Credit Bureau. Is it possible to apply for a mini loan without Post-Ident? Due to short-term and low credit levels, mini-loans are not as stringent as credit requirements, such as a classic installment loan with the bank.

Best mini loan provider despite Credit Bureaus

Best mini loan provider despite Credit Bureaus

If you want to claim a loan now, you will already be rejected by conventional banks. If you still need a loan amount, the mini loan could be correct without submission of the Credit Bureau submission, as you also grant a mini loan if the submission is negative, eg due to unpaid invoicing. A mini loan without chocolate?

In principle, it is a loan for which no Credit Bureau request is made when applying. This type of loan is sought by many people because, according to the Foundation, they do not have a good credit rating and want to avoid being assessed by this organization. However, many are not aware that usually a Credit Bureau query is always asked.

This also applies to the mini loan providers. Thus, even with a Credit Bureau entry, mini-credits are assigned. As an example, Lite Lender called the company, although performs a Credit Bureau query, but despite this has a very good acceptance rate with small loans. The situation is different with the Credit Bureau entry from provider to provider. Although no Credit Bureau entry is stored with Lite Lender, but with other Providern such as the tariff bank.

If you refrain from a Credit Bureau investigation, you have to resort to a so-called Credit load. A peculiarity of a mini loan without Credit Bureau query is the fact that the amount of money after 24 hours already available. However, there are additional fees associated with booking an express transfer, which you should not ignore.

In order to get a loan agreement despite the Credit Bureaus, three important prerequisites must be met: If these three basic conditions are met, there is usually nothing to prevent them from applying. A mini-loan for the unemployed is therefore possible only in a few exceptional cases. Does a mini loan without Shufa affect my Credit Bureau points?

Applying for a mini-credit with Lite Lender or Valuta has no effect on your scoring value as the credit balance is not set by the Foundation. The situation is different if you are not in the position to pay back the mini loan without the help of the Foundation. Otherwise, you must be charged with higher dunning fees and an entry in the property management.

How much is a mini loan without a scholarship?

How much is a mini loan without a scholarship?

The price depends on whether you reserve the loan with additional benefits or if you usually raise it. Cheapest current Provider is the company Lite Lender with an annual interest rate of 7.95%. Another plus: The loan is also suitable for people who do not have the best credit ratings.

Mini credit without chocolate – seriously or not? Especially in the credit sector without its own company, there are dubious service providers who attract with great promise. Here we have put together for you the most important features to see if a loan without presentation of the Foundation is serious. With doubtful offerers an advance payment is often raised without a loan contract being concluded.

Serious providers charge no fees without an order. Transparent presentation of prices and terms: With a reputed provider, you always know in advance what the prices of your loan is. A comparison of the conditions of different providers is always free at a reputable broker.

Stay away from providers charging for billing. Luckily, there are very few little dwarf sheep.