Immediate mortgage lending offers applicants the advantage that they know immediately where they stand and what they can expect in their construction project. To finance a property is a real estate loan with immediate commitment. Immediate real estate loans are usually part of a complete real estate financing. With an online instant confirmation loan, customers will know within minutes whether the bank will approve the funding request or not. The applicant has the advantage that he knows immediately whether his building project will be financed under the current conditions.

Mortgage lending with instant confirmation

Mortgage lending with instant confirmation

Immediate mortgage lending gives the claimant the crucial advantage that he knows immediately where he stands and what awaits him in his construction project. This is the instant confirmation. Of course, different concepts are possible for each mortgage, which must meet the needs and opportunities of the borrower. The direct providers also guarantee the highest possible collateral and a customer-specific refinancing of the loan, even with a mortgage loan with immediate commitment.

Those who behave best as a spouse, in which both partners are permanently employed full-time for a well-known client or even work as a civil servant, thus has good prospects for immediate approval. If then even higher income to be registered and the Credit Bureau information fall well, is an immediate commitment to the mortgage lending desired nothing more in the way.

We are currently recording very favorable conditions for mortgages of all sizes. The interest rate level is very low, which is why potential buyers of real estate financing can expect excellent conditions. Applicants do not necessarily succumb to the demand for the cheapest interest rates. Instead, they should also rely on the long-term interest rates for instant-on-mortgage mortgages to ensure the very good conditions over time.

Comparison of real estate loans in terms of offers and interest rates

Comparison of real estate loans in terms of offers and interest rates

The real estate lending business with immediate approval is intended for property financing. Real Estate Financing with Immediate Commitment is intended both for home equity financing and for the construction of rented properties. In addition, loans for the extension or renovation of existing real estate may sometimes be referred to as real estate financing or other product names as modernization or renovation loans. Immediate real estate financing is usually part of a complete real estate loan financing.

These include the promotional loans from the Lite Lender for energy-efficient construction or the purchase of residential real estate, home savings and other equity capital of the real estate borrower. In the case of real estate financing, the own funds ratio should, in principle, be at least twenty per cent of the total or the purchase price. Real estate financing without own funds is possible, but expensive because of the amount of the loan amount and an increased borrowing interest rate.

In addition, some credit institutions hold any non-funded financing components in their own funds, so that the sums of construction loans or promotional loans are also considered as such and ultimately each future property owner has a certain amount of own funds available. The planned own construction work is also part of the equity, but the customer easily overestimates their own craftsmanship.

An instant loan real estate loan has longer terms than other loans because of the amount of the loan. In the case of real estate loans with immediate commitments, the interest rates are considerably lower than for installment loans without specific purpose, since the loan amount is effectively secured by the land register entry of a mortgage or real estate bond. Due to the long-term nature of real estate financing with immediate commitments, the borrowers not only pay attention to the borrowing rate, but also to the other terms of their loan.

In addition, the term of the fixed interest period may not be too short; For real estate loans with immediate approval ten years are common. In particular, the inclusion of real estate financing in a low-interest phase, long-term interest rates are recommended. Before they decide on a specific real estate loan, the developers also check whether their desired house bank demands a commitment interest.

The immediate commitment provides the borrower with the assurance that his loan application will be accepted and that he will receive the loan amount requested when applying for a real estate loan amount. The real estate loan with instant confirmation gives the builder or real estate buyer a maximum of predictability. In addition to personal and income information of the borrower, information about the object to be financed is usually required for the desired immediate commitment.

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